"Sweet music indeed.  Torrents of laughter … outstanding!  It's coarse and funny,

harsh and playful, and tender, too.  It is powerful theatre."




"Rick Gifford embodies Johnny and doesn't have to do much emotional dancing.

Mr. Gifford's job is to remain likable, and empathetic. The actor makes it work."


"This is a great script for actors and Gifford takes the first deep dive into it.

Gifford's edgy, slightly manic intensity leaves his co-star Newkirk plenty to work with.

Like the sun that shines through the bay window at the end of the show, Frankie and Johnny delivers warmth and light."



"Pugilist Specialist" is getting its New England premiere at WHAT Theatre:


"Boston director Wesley Savick captures absurd comedy and powerful political satire with a unique, confrontational acting style  with a remarkable quartet of actors. They swagger, march in place, threaten one another, and look at the audience intimidatingly. These are not people to mess with. Actors Mandy Schmieder, Gabriel Kuttner, Rick Gifford, and Tom Kee are a tight ensemble, with Gifford and Kee particularly effective. In fact, there's nothing typical about it, which makes it a fitting addition to the WHAT repertoire -- among the most interesting in New England."

By Ed Siegel--The Boston Globe




"Peer Gynt":

Andrei Serban's "Peer Gynt" by Ibsen at the Theater of the Riverside Church

Several of the actors evince talent and a few make spirited turns: Lucy Kendrick Smith as mother Aase, Rick Gifford as the troll king, Oliver Henzler as an asylum director.

- Time Out New York, reviewed by Alexis Soloski